kill 'em with coffee

"tell me i'm clever, tell me i'm kind, tell me i'm talented, tell me i'm cute, tell me i'm sensitive, graceful and wise, tell me i'm perfect -
i win the contest cause this is your home right? #strandyourcity @noyourcity @strandbookstore 🗽 (at 14th Street – Union Square (New York City Subway))
the strong yet sentimental type 🌼💪🌼 @rickyshabazz 😘 (at Food Emporium)
where the taco emoji when you need it  (at Rockaway Taco)
me every monday tuesday and wednesday 
🚫home sweet home🚫 (at Himrod St.)

dreams dreams go the fuck away 

friends. of. the. big. duck. (at The Big Duck)
⚓️ north fork vibes ⚓️(or i’ve been coming here before lena dunham made it cool)  (at Claudio’s Restaurant)
🐚 exploring (eating lunch) 🐚 (at Robins Island)
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